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Working/Barn Cat Program

Working/Barn Cat Program

Do you have a barn, stable, warehouse or other shelter you need protected from pests? Or would you love to help a cat in need, but unable to bring them inside?

Hire a working cat! The adoption fee for all working cats is just $25.00. All our healthy, spayed/neutered, feral or semi-social cats ask for in return for their service is simply a safe and cozy space to sleep, daily food and water, and veterinary care when needed.

When you hire a working cat, you save two lives: the life of the cat you are adopting and the life of the cat we are able to rescue next.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for all working cats is $25.00. All cats have been spayed/neutered, microchipped and are up to date on all vaccines.

Fill out the application, then save the application as a pdf with both the animal’s name and your own name as the title (ex. Fluffy – Jane Doe), then send your completed application to

For further inquiries about adoptions, please email or dial (843) 795-1110 and select option 2.

What is a working cat?

Any time a social cat comes to us, they go directly into our adoption program to find a home. There are some cats who are simply fearful of new situations, they too go into our adoption program in search of patient adopters. Then there are the cats that are deeply under-socialized, truly want nothing to do with people and they get extremely stressed when confined. Those cats are our working cats (also known as “barn cats”). These cats cannot be house pets, but thrive in a “working” environment where they can patrol a barn, stable, outbuilding, shed or even a warehouse. These cats get to enjoy living a fulfilling life with a family who cares for them and you get a rodent-free property.

Working cat types

Generally speaking, working cats are independent cats who prefer to limit their interactions with humans. However, the degree to which they keep their distance varies from cat to cat and may change over time. Even those cats who prefer to keep their distance may grow close with the caregiver after positive encounters with people. These cats often develop strong bonds with other animals, often reducing their desire to roam, which is why Pet Helpers Adoption Center recommends placing at least two cats together.

Won't you help?

Sheltering an animal costs us $56 per day per animal. Will you donate to help save an animal's life?
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