Pet Helpers - Fundraising Drive

Spread the Love!

This Valentine’s Day, let’s shower our furry friends with love and care. With our Spread the Love campaign, you can be a part of something special. By donating and purchasing a heart decal, you’ll be sending a sweet message to our shelter pets – reminding them how much they matter and how loved they are. These heartwarming tokens will brighten up their days and ease their wait for a forever family. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a little extra special for our animal buddies!

Choose your heart and donate today!

$5 donation = Red heart

$10 donation = Pink heart

$15 donation = Blue heart

You decide! = You can shower us with a generous donation amount of your choice and purchase as many hearts as your heart desires (just make sure to specify which color heart you prefer in the comment section!). Or, maybe you wish to play cupid and send in multiple valentine messages with one donation. 

By donating, we’ll immortalize you on our Wall of Love, complete with a heart sticker that bears your name!

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