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Pet Helpers Spay/Neuter Clinic’s mission is to provide high-quality, spay/neuter services at an affordable cost to any family. Through low-cost services, pet owners are better able to receive spay/neuter surgeries and preventive care for their pets, helping to keep them out of the shelter system.


We offer these services to the general public but also focus aggressively on communities with high rates of animal reproduction and pets belonging to low-income populations.  Increased accessibility to affordable spay/neuter surgeries and basic preventive care will reduce pet overpopulation and help to keep animals out of the shelter system.

The Pet Helpers Spay/Neuter Clinic is open to the public, offering high quality, affordable spay/neuter services and preventive care. Our state-of-the-art facility opened in the Fall of 2008, and our clinic has the capability of altering thousands of pets every year. This important effort is the key to achieving a no-kill community.




Canine Spay/Neuter: $100-$115
Feline Spay/Neuter: $65-$90
TNR Spay/Neuter: $16
Microchip: $25
Deworming: $5-$13
Nail Trim: $15
Ear Cleaning: $18
Anal Gland Expression: $15

Additional Surgical Services & Fees 

Canine In Heat/Pregnant: $15-$30
Feline In Heat/Pregnant: $10-$20
Abdominal Cryptorchid: $50
Inguinal Cryptorchid: $30


WALK-IN VACCINE CLINIC – Call for hours (843) 302-0556

Spay/Neuter Surgery


Heartworm and FeLV/FIV testing

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention and Deworming

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