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Small Animals

Small Animals

Pet Helpers will occasionally have small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas available for adoption. 

Prior to adoption, all Pet Helpers animals receive a comprehensive veterinary exam, any and all needed vaccines, spay/neuter surgery, and any other relevant medical treatment they may need. Through the generosity of our adopters, donors, and community supporters, we are able to provide this care and emergency medical care, so you can rest assured that your pet will be in good health when you take him or her home.

A Pet Helpers staff member can provide assistance in meeting your potential new furry friend. We encourage visiting as it can help you get to know our animals and provide them with further socialization and enrichment.

To adopt a small animal from Pet Helpers, we ask that you please visit our facility during business hours to speak with one of our staff members about the particular animal you are interested in, and complete an application. We are dedicated to the process of finding the perfect pet for you and your family!

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees vary based on the type of animal. A Pet Helpers staff member can provide you with the specific information of the animal you are interested in adopting.

Fill out the application, then save the application as a pdf with both the animal’s name and your own name as the title (ex. Fluffy – Jane Doe), then send your completed application to

For further inquiries about adoptions, please email or dial (843) 795-1110 and select option 2.

Guinea Pig: Squidward (m)

Guinea Pig: Patrick (m)

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