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Planned Giving

In 1978, Carol Linville started Pet Helpers with her dream to save all adoptable animals from euthanasia. Today, 42 years later, Pet Helpers has saved more than 49,000 animals and Carol’s dream has become a legacy of love.

Leave your legacy of love by making a planned gift to Pet Helpers. The work we have accomplished over the last four decades, and the many lives we have saved, are a direct result of our supporters’ generosity. We are always grateful when a supporter chooses to make a planned gift or to remember Pet Helpers in his/her estate planning, and are happy to consider any gift of any type, of any amount.

Because each gift and every donor is unique, Pet Helpers strongly encourages all its supporters to discuss and weigh the many options with their estate attorneys, financial planners, and other trusted advisors. Although Pet Helpers cannot provide individualized recommendations, we hope our Planned Gift Acceptance Policy will assist you in considering whether a planned gift is right for you.

Additional information and copies of our policy can be obtained from April Vail, Director of Fund Development, at (843) 531-6157, or by emailing

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Sheltering an animal costs us $20 per day per animal. Will you donate to help save an animal's life?
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