MUSC The Greenest Day

MUSC: The Greenest Day Celebration

Swing by MUSC’s Horseshoe in Downtown Charleston on April 17th for an Earth Day bash like no other – MUSC: The Greenest Day Celebration from 11am to 2pm!

Get ready for a feast of local eco-friendly goodies, toe-tapping tunes, and a sprinkle of nonprofit magic, all aimed at keeping our planet and peeps in tip-top shape. Plus, your pals at Pet Helpers will be there, wagging tails and spreading the word on how we can all pitch in for a greener, kinder world.

Feeling generous? We are collecting donations for our Community Pet Food Bank, so feel free to bring a bag of dry cat or dog food for your neighbors in need.

Dive into Earth Day fun with Pet Helpers, meet some four-legged buddies, and let’s team up to make our world a better place for all – pawsitively awesome!

Location: MUSC Colbert Education Center 171 Ashley Avenue/MUSC Horseshoe at 165 Ashley Avenue Downtown Charleston

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