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Levi's Legacy

Unfortunately, accidents and other medical emergencies can happen to our furry friends.

Levi's Legacy

In these situations, treatment can be lifesaving, but can often come at a high cost. Pet owners facing financial hardship are all too aware of the limited options available if their pet becomes injured or sick. This is an agonizing experience, and too often people are forced to relinquish their pets to local animal services in order to ensure they receive the veterinary care they need. The result is a heartbreaking separation of beloved pet from their person, and another pet entering the shelter system.

Levi’s Legacy is Pet Helpers way to ensure that responsible pet guardians have care within their reach. Levi’s Legacy will provide needed financial assistance to pet owners within the Lowcountry, when their pet is facing an illness or possible medical emergency, and the family is unable to afford veterinary care on their own.

Levi’s Legacy will provide grants of $250 or more towards medical treatment on a case-by-case basis (certain exclusions apply). Grants are awarded based on availability of funds. Grants are issued directly to the veterinarian. Grants may not be applied for previous veterinary costs or bills.

If your pet is facing an illness or medical emergency, seek medical attention immediately.

You may be asking – who is Levi?

Levi was an ambassador for all animals, especially the fighters and survivors. Levi was rescued by our executive director Melissa Susko at just 3 weeks old. He survived pneumonia, dermoid cysts on his eye, an infestation of internal and external parasites and this was just within the first 6 months of his life. He instantly became a shining light in the rescue communities. “Super Levi” as he was known, was not only a hero to rescue animals, he fought and conquered pancreatic cancer himself later in life. No one was a stranger to Levi. He was the “welcoming committee” at Pet Helpers and when he recently passed away this past April, he took a small part of everyone’s heart who met him. 

Can I donate to Levi's Legacy?

The Levi’s Legacy program is primarily funded through grants. Funds for this program are limited. If you wish to contribute to the Levi Legacy program, you can donate directly to this initiative by clicking here or the button below.

Some of the animals that Levi's Legacy has assisted

Hei Hei, a puppy born with a severe brain malfunction, required a diagnostic assessment to create a treatment plan for hydrocephalus.
JD was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in his mouth. Thanks to help from Levi's Legacy he was able to receive a grant which helped his owners be able to afford this life-saving surgery.
Miniature pet pig, Petunia was able to undergo surgery and is on her way to recovery after she was shot while roaming her family's property by an unknown person with the help of a grant from Levi's Legacy.

More Information

How does the program work?

Pet Helpers will help those in the Lowcountry to obtain initial diagnostic emergency pet care. We make the payment directly to the veterinarian, reducing out of pocket costs. If you need assistance or information on our low-cost spay/neuter clinic and vaccinations, please call (843)302-0556 or click here to visit our clinic webpage.

How do I know if I qualify?

  • Pet guardians must be a Lowcountry resident (currently residing in South Carolina) at least 18 years or older, who cannot afford the treatment or diagnostics of their animal without assistance.
  • Animals in foster care with another rescue/agency do not qualify for this program.
  • Funds are to be used at approved veterinary practices operating in the Lowcountry.


The application MUST be filled out entirely before we can consider you for any financial aid assistance.


  • We work on a pre-approval basis and do not fund treatments that have already occurred. This grant cannot be applied to existing veterinary bills or used to reimburse previous veterinary costs.
  • Grants are awarded based on availability of funds.
  • Grants are issued directly to the veterinarian.
  • Please note that there is a possibility that the full cost of your appointment/services may not be covered by the Levi’s Legacy grant awarded and that the applicant will be responsible for any additional costs.
  • Applications will be reviewed in 24-48 hours upon receipt. We are not equipped to respond to emergency situations and urge you to search elsewhere if you find your animal is in a life/death situation requiring immediate medical attention.


  • Recipients MUST live in and be visiting a veterinarian located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina (no exceptions).
  • Animals in foster care with another rescue/agency do not qualify for this program.
  • Grants are for emergencies and emergency diagnostics only and will not be awarded for routine veterinary care such as vaccinations, dental cleanings, heartworm treatment, spay/neuter, or other routine treatment.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Animals over the age of 1 year MUST be spayed or neutered (if it is medically necessary for the animal to not be sterilized, we will need proof from the providing veterinarian).
  • Due to funding restrictions, this is a one time grant. If you received a Levi’s Legacy grant in the past you are no longer eligible to receive additional funds.
  • You must have provided your animal with basic preventative and maintenance care (appropriate shelter, fresh food and water, and daily preventative care). Animals that are sick due to negligent care will not be considered for funding.
  • You demonstrate that you will provide on-going care and support following your treatment. Including but not limited to: basic preventative care, any recommendations in diet, lifestyle or medications in order to accommodate/promote healing.


Step One: Those who are interested in receiving a grant from Levi’s Legacy need to complete and submit the Application Form. Each application will be reviewed individually. The applicant(s) will then be notified via email of preliminary approval or denial within 48 hours. Please note: A preliminary approval does not mean the applicant(s) will be qualified for a grant.

Step Two: Applicants will need to set up a vet appointment if they have not already done so, and an estimate of service costs must be provided to Pet Helpers at

Step Three: If the grant is approved, the grant amount will be determined based on the estimate provided. On the day of the appointment, Pet Helpers will make payment directly to the veterinarian.

Step Four: The veterinarian or applicant must provide an invoice or receipt for payment received via Pet Helpers.

Won't you help?

Sheltering an animal costs us $56 per day per animal. Will you donate to help save an animal's life?
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