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Levi's Legacy Grant Request

Please complete the following information to apply for a Levi’s Legacy Grant.

Please note: Review of applications will take place within 24-48 hours. If you submit an application after business hours, or if it’s a veterinary emergency, we cannot guarantee review of your application will be completed before seeking veterinary care.

  • Please email your veterinary care estimate and/or other necessary documents to

You may be asking – who is Levi?

Levi was an ambassador for all animals, especially the fighters and survivors. Levi was rescued by our executive director Melissa Susko at just 3 weeks old. He survived pneumonia, dermoid cysts on his eye, an infestation of internal and external parasites and this was just within the first 6 months of his life. He instantly became a shining light in the rescue communities. “Super Levi” as he was known, was not only a hero to rescue animals, he fought and conquered pancreatic cancer himself later in life. No one was a stranger to Levi. He was the “welcoming committee” at Pet Helpers and when he recently passed away this past April, he took a small part of everyone’s heart who met him. 


Pet Helpers will help those in the Lowcountry to obtain initial diagnostic emergency pet care. We make payment directly to the veterinarian, reducing out of pocket costs. This grant program cannot be applied to existing veterinary bills, nor can it be used to pay for routine treatment, vaccinations, spay or neuter. If you need assistance or information on our low-cost spay/neuter clinic and vaccinations, please call (843) 302-0556 or click here to visit our clinic page.

  • Pet guardians must be a Lowcountry resident who cannot afford the treatment or diagnostics without assistance.
  • Animals in foster care with another rescue/agency do not qualify for this program.
  • Funds are to be used at approved veterinary practices operating within Lowcountry.

Won't you help?

Sheltering an animal costs us $56 per day per animal. Will you donate to help save an animal's life?
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