Pet Helpers - For Kids

Princesses, Princes & Paws

A Royal Party

Enjoy a world of make believe as we celebrate the fun and wonderment of royalty with our Princesses, Princes and Paws party. 

On Saturday, June 17th  the shelter will receive a special appearance by your favorite Disney duo Ariel and Prince Eric as they help show young children the joys of pet companionship with a special read aloud from Ariel herself. Kids will participate in group activities making enrichment toys and decorating dog treats for the pets at the shelter. Of course, no time at Pet Helpers would be complete without some time with our furry companions.

Kids are encouraged to dress as their favorite prince or princess for the event. Plan a date for all your kids and their friend group and help support the animals of Pet Helpers. Make sure to book your child’s spot for this special event quickly as spots are limited and will go fast!

*Children will be dropped at 1:00pm and picked up at 3:00pm.

*Ages 5+ years old

Won't you help?

Sheltering an animal costs us $56 per day per animal. Will you donate to help save an animal's life?
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