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As a limited intake shelter we have limited space. Fostering allows our additional dogs and cats to receive proper care and the attention they deserve to prepare for the adoption process. Foster care is mainly used for very young animals, special needs dogs and cats, situations where an animal needs a break from the shelter, or cases where the shelter is full.


The Foster Care Program serves as a lifeline for animals who are not ready for adoption for various reasons. Our foster families provide a quiet, stress-free, and loving environment in which these animals can thrive and prepare for their forever home. By offering your time, energy, home, and love to an animal in need, you prepare the animal for adoption, prevent overcrowding at our adoption center and increase the number of animals we can save.


We help to ensure your success as a foster parent by offering 24-hour support, training, and supplies. Animals are carefully matched to foster homes according to the animals’ needs and the foster parents’ abilities. Whether you work full-time or are usually home, there may be a foster placement appropriate for you!


Did you know that as a foster you have a lot of influence in helping a shelter pet find a new home? The majority of pets are obtained from acquaintances and family. This program empowers those who foster animals to become adoption counselors on behalf of Pet Helpers. Ambassadors take home dogs or cats available for adoption and pledge to help those animals find safe and loving homes through word of mouth, social media posts, emails to friends and family, or by hitting the streets with their foster pets. Ambassadors process adoptions themselves, returning adoption applications to Pet Helpers.

For inquiries on the Foster and/or Adoptions Ambassador Programs please email 

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Sheltering an animal costs us $20 per day per animal. Will you donate to help save an animal's life?
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