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Every day, fosters have the opportunity to help animals in need and make a lasting impact. As a shelter with limited capacity, we often struggle with space availability. Fostering presents an ideal solution to ensure that our additional dogs and cats receive the proper care and attention they require in preparation for the adoption process. Foster care is especially beneficial for very young animals, special needs dogs and cats, situations where an animal needs a break from the shelter, or when the shelter is at maximum capacity. By providing love and care for these animals, fosters free up space at the shelter, allowing us to help even more animals. If you’re looking for a way to make a difference, consider becoming a foster and join our mission. We are always in need of new foster to help us save lives.


The Foster Care Program serves as a lifeline for animals who are not ready for adoption for various reasons. Our foster families provide a quiet, stress-free, and loving environment in which these animals can thrive and prepare for their forever home. By offering your time, energy, home, and love to an animal in need, you prepare the animal for adoption, prevent overcrowding at our adoption center and increase the number of animals we can save.

Foster Responsibilities Include:

  • Providing care and affection to the animal(s) until it’s adoption ready.
  • Supplying food, water, and shelter.
  • Communication with the Foster Team to assess the animals overall health and well-being.
  • Facilitating veterinary appointments and meetings with potential adopters.

For inquiries on the Foster and/or Adoptions Ambassador Programs please email


We help to ensure your success as a foster parent by offering 24-hour support, training, and the supplies necessary to care for your foster pet(s). Animals are carefully matched to foster homes according to the animals’ needs and the foster parents’ abilities. Whether you work full-time or are usually home, there may be a foster placement appropriate for you!


Did you know that as a foster, you have the power to help shelter pets find loving homes? It’s true! Most pets are adopted through friends and acquaintances.

The Adoption Ambassador Program empowers those who foster animals to become adoption counselors on behalf of Pet Helpers. Ambassadors take home animals available for adoption and pledge to help those animals find safe and loving homes through word of mouth, social media posts, emails to friends and family, or by hitting the streets with their foster pets.

Ambassadors take on the role of talent agents for their foster pets. This includes finding a suitable match, facilitating the adoption process in partnership with the shelter, up until the final moment of handing over the leash or carrier.


Why is it called Tiffy’s Foster Care Program? Pet Helpers has officially renamed its foster care program to “Tiffy’s Foster Care Program” in honor of Tiffaney Hazel-Faust, an esteemed employee who has been an integral part of the Pet Helpers community for over a decade. Tiffaney started her journey with the organization as a volunteer and went on to hold pivotal roles such as Animal Care Technician and Customer Service Representative. But, she found her true calling in the Foster Care Department, where she’s helped countless pets find their fur-ever homes. So, it’s only fitting that the program be named after this paw-some lady!

Tiffaney has been bravely fighting metastatic breast cancer for the past two years. Her endless bravery, grit, and dedication towards Pet Helpers’ mission have been an absolute driving force of motivation for all those around her. In light of Tiffaney’s incredible contribution to the organization and the animals it protects, the foster care program has been rebranded to honor her legacy.

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