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Doggy Day Out

What is a Doggy Day Out?

Fostering or adopting is a wonderful way to support shelter dogs. But if you can’t commit to having a pet due to time or space constraints, you can still make a significant impact. A “field trip” lasting just a few hours can positively transform a shelter dog’s life.

Volunteers have the chance to take shelter dogs on exciting day adventures. You can spend quality time with a lovable shelter pup while they enjoy a break from the shelter environment and enhance their socialization skills.

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Learn all about taking a shelter dog on a field trip for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Benefits of a Doggy Day Out

Humans adore dog field trips for obvious reasons, but these outings are equally enjoyable for the dogs and can even be transformative. So, how exactly do dog field trips make a difference? Here are a few ways these initiatives enhance the lives of dogs:

Stress Relief: Field trips provide dogs with much-needed breaks from a noisy shelter environments with lots of commotion. Field trips to calmer or more enriching places can alleviate that stress and even cut down on problem behaviors.

Individualized Attention: The extra attention and care provided to dogs on a one-on-one basis is immensely valuable, it helps the dog feel loved, and also lets them practice bonding with humans for when their forever family finally comes along.

Better Adoption Matches: Information about a dog’s likes, dislikes and personality can be tough to decipher in a shelter environment. But when you take a dog out of that setting and into a more natural, fun environment, you can really see how they’re likely to behave in a regular home with a family of their own. We’ll ask you to report on your dog’s behavior after your field trip—things like, how they reacted around children or other pets, or in crowded settings. This information leads to better adoption matches and success rates

Social Media Stars: Pictures taken in the kennel rarely do a dog justice. But a portrait at the park? Priceless! Doggy Day Out volunteers can take pictures of the dogs smiling in the grass at the park, snacking on a puppacino, snuggling with them on the couch—whatever shows off their best selves.

Shorter Shelter Stays: Sometimes, field trips turn into forever trips. Many dogs meet their new families while out with volunteers, or shortly after thanks to the exposure. Everyone who takes a dog out on a day trip becomes an advocate for that dog, posting pictures on their own social media and telling their friends enabling the dog to be seen by people who may not follow the shelter—and it’s coming with a personal recommendation from someone they know that this is a good dog.

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