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Make 2021 A little less poopy for you and your valentine!

2020 was litter-ally the worst year for many of us, but luckily  this Valentine’s Day, Pet Helpers has the perfect way to bury the parts of your year that were a little…. well… poopy. For the simple donation of $15, we’ll write the one thing you or your valentine may want to leave in 2020 at the bottom of one of our cats’ litter boxes!

Whether it’s the pandemic, an ex’s name, murder hornets, celebrities, or any other part of 2020 you’d like to forget; we’ll make sure it never see’s the light of day! We’ll send you or a picture of your box this Valentine’s Day for you to treasure forever.  This is sure to be the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ll ever give! 

Donate and Place your Litter Box Message in the memos
two word maximum per $15 donation
No Last Names of non-celebrity individuals

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