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Adoption Center and Spay/Neuter Clinic in Charleston, SC

Our mission is to end the euthanasia of all adoptable cats and dogs by operating a no-kill shelter, promoting forever adoptions and humane education, and providing low-cost spay/neuter surgeries.


Pet Helpers


Help Pet Helpers continue our lifesaving mission of saving all adoptable animals.

Or join our very important group of volunteers and become a foster parent today.


Pet Helpers Spay/Neuter Clinic’s mission is to provide high-quality, spay/neuter services at an affordable cost to any family. Through low-cost services, pet owners are better able to receive spay/neuter surgeries and preventive care for their pets, helping to keep them out of the shelter system.


Pet Helpers is supported primarily from private donations;
from individuals, businesses, and foundations.

Learn the many ways to contribute to our mission. Every little bit helps.

Featured Dog

Meet Millie

Meet Millie! This 3 year old energetic dog is waiting to be your one and only!  Millie arrived at Pet helpers as a pregnant pup and after having her litter of adorably cute puppies, she has been waiting patiently for someone to appreciate her just as much as they did her puppies.

Earning the way to Millie’s heart starts with a good game of tug of war with her favorite toys.  After that she loves to relax for a good nap, preferably curled up along your side so she can get all the pets!

Millie loves people and will squirm and wiggle her way into your good graces, but she would prefer to be the only four-legged friend that earns your attention and love.  If you would like to schedule an appointment to come see Millie, simply call (843)795-1110 or email, office@pethelpers.org.

Featured Cat

Meet Meow!

Meet Meow! This 5 year old kitty is ready and waiting to become the newest addition to your family! Meow is one special cat, full of personality and a playful nature. Meow came to Pet Helpers with a dislocated ankle, due to trauma he endured. The best course of action was to amputate his hind leg. Well, Meow wasn’t going to let that stop him from enjoying all that life has to offer. He quickly learned to navigate his way around his temporary home in the shelter’s administrative offices, running to greet staff members each day.

Meow loves to cuddle up in a nice cozy spot, whether that is on a nice plush blanket or in your lap, making biscuits and purring up a storm. Once he has had his fill of attention he will let you know and scamper off to his next adventure. 

If you think Meow would be the perfect addition to your home, come visit the shelter to meet this adorable kitty.  He would love nothing more than to spend his lifetime with you!  What do you say?

Why You Should Choose Pet Helpers

When you adopt from Pet Helpers, you’re saving two lives-the life of your pet, and the life of the one who takes their place.

Pet Helpers regularly works with partner facilities to save cats and dogs who are at-risk of euthanasia. Adopting from Pet Helpers frees up space so that we can continue to save new animals, and find them their forever homes.

For 45 years, our commitment to saving pets has never wavered.

Pet Helpers has saved more than 54,000 lives from euthanasia through adoption and fostering. We continue to answer the call for help, and be a voice for the animals of the Lowcountry.

Our commitment is not only to our animals, but to our community.

Pet Helpers is committed to serving our community and pet owners, as well as our animals. Through our Pet Food Bank, Unchain Charleston, and affordable Spay/Neuter clinic, Pet Helpers has the resources to assist pet owners and help keep pets where they belong-at home.

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Sheltering an animal costs us $20 per day per animal.
Will you donate to help save an animal’s life?

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Sheltering an animal costs us $20 per day per animal. Will you donate to help save an animal's life?
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